We take an enormous amount of pride in the quality of our work, so we are equally pleased when people like to give us a 'pat on the back'.

"Rit Designs, designed, built and installed a range of bedroom                                                 "I would, and have                             wardrobes and cupboards in our home.  The standard of                                                                  recommended                           workmanship in all of those areas was very good. Quality                                                                  Rit Designs"                              materials were used to complete the work and the area was left                                                                                                          tidy and clean once the work was done. The service from Rit Designs                                                                                              has always been friendly and efficient and they have done what they                                                                                              said they would do when they said that they would do it. That is                                                                                                    something that is really important when work is being done in a busy                                                                                            family home like ours."

 Dr Nick Sutcliffe

"I employed Rit Designs to fit a kitchen in my property.                                                                                                                          The work was carried out to an excellent standard and I was                                                                                                                    very pleased with the level of customer service received. I would                                                  "trustworthy                                  readily recommend Rit Designs to anyone considering  having any                                                       and                                          type of  joinery work carried out."                                                                                                                    reliable"

 Miss R Sheldon

"Rit Designs has carried our various work at my current and previous                                                                                                    homes. These jobs have varied from fitting wardrobes and cabinets,                                                                                    making/hanging interior doors, hanging mirrors and some fencing work.                               "the work was                                  I found this company competitive, reliable, and the standard of work is                                       carried out                                       high. I would, and have, recommended Rit Designs”.                                                                        to an excellent                                                                                                                                                                                                              standard"     

 Miss S Burrell